Special Interest Group for Accounting Information Systems (SIG-ASYS)

A Special Interest Group of the Association for Information Systems

16th Annual Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS)/Accounting Information Systems Track

August 13-15, 2010

Lima, Peru



The Special Interest Group on Accounting Information Systems (SIGASYS) is pleased to announce a track on Accounting Information Systems at the upcoming 16th Annual Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2010) to be held in Lima, Peru. The Accounting Information Systems track will highlight research that focuses on the link between accounting and information systems, including topics that range from IT governance to interorganizational information systems and draws from a variety of disciplines like accounting, psychology, sociology, cognitive science, behavioral science, economics, politics, computer science, and information technology. We invite you to submit your original research to one of the following Accounting Information Systems mini-tracks.

Accounting Information Systems Mini-tracks

Mini-track One: General Accounting Information Systems

Mini-track Co-chairs:

   Dr. Virginia Franke Kleist (West Virginia University)


   Dr. Jamey Worrell (University of Alabama at Birmingham)


This mini-track includes any topics in the field of accounting information systems (AIS) that are not included in the other specialized mini-tracks described below. Appropriate topics for this mini-track include (but are not limited to) system integration, IT governance, risk assessment and management, value of information systems, information assurance seals, global AIS, and case studies.

Mini-track Two: IS Control, Audit and Reporting

Mini-track Co-chairs:

   Dr. Ashley Davis (San Jose State University)


This mini-track is focused on the role that AIS plays in capturing and storing transaction, ensuring their accuracy, timeliness and validity, and satisfying the organization’s legal and regulatory requirements.

AIS provides the vast majority of data required for operational, tactical, and strategic decision making, as well as the basis for interorganizational information sharing and external reporting to various stakeholder groups. Appropriate topics for this mini-track include (but are not limited to) continuous auditing, auditing end user systems, internal audit, COSO, CobiT, AS5, forensic auditing, data mining/business intelligence, querying, ebXML, XBRL, AIS use and data ambiguity.

Mini-track Three: Accounting Information Systems Models, Design and Implementation

Mini-track Co-chairs:

     Dr. Matthew Guah (Erasmus University)


   Dr. Carsten Felden (TU Bergakademie Freiberg)


This mini-track is focused on the role that AIS plays in creating models to help better store, process and represent the organization’s resources, events and agents. This mini-track is intended to promote research on the different data and process models for AIS.  Appropriate topics for this mini-track include (but are not limited to) AIS design, Resource-Event-Agent (REA) models, data models, enterprise systems, interorganizational information sharing, and data relevance.

Submission Guidance and Important Dates

Submissions must represent original work that has not been published in a journal or conference proceedings. At least one author for each accepted paper must register for the conference. Submissions will be peer-reviewed using a double-blind system. Submission format and general conference information may be found at http://www.amcis2010.org/home/

January 4, 2010:    AMCIS 2010 submission system is available at: http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/amcis2010

March 1, 2010:       Submissions due

April 12, 2010:     Acceptance notification

April 26, 2010:     Camera-ready copies of accepted manuscripts due


Please contact the mini-track chairs or the track chair Dr. Carlos Ferran (Pennsylvania State University, cferran@psu.edu) with any questions you may have.